Monday, 8 April 2013

Lizardmen vs dwarves 500p

 This sunday I wanted to have a game of fantasy. And we are having an escalation ligue at our club that I couldent miss.
  So I played vs my gaming budy. When I started warhammer he brought me in to it. At that point he had a chaos army and a samll dwarv force, which I neve played against, becouse he sold them.
 But after many ears he started them again! And now I had the chance to face them.
  I am not a big fantasy player. Altought I like the idea of fantasy more then 40k. Its just the rules that trwo me away from fantasy :(
  But time to time I want to bring m lizardmen to a fest.
 Since I never played vs dwarves I dident know what to expect. The only thing that I know about them is that they have good fire power. And I was right...
 I couldent get my lizards to theyr zone... The shoot me tho pieces. And I badly placed my saurus cavalery... Not evean mentioning my faild charges...
 But still, I had a great time. And I always love to play vs a painted army. And it is defenetly painted really cool! 10 out of 10!
 I also made a battle report of the game. I will try and make battle report o each game that I play. So be sur to see more!

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