Monday, 11 March 2013

Game vs necrons!

 Hey! Yesterday I had my very first game vs necrons. And what a game it was!
 First of all I should tell that the necron playe is a fantastic painter. Altought on the pictures it may not seem like that (becouse of my old and bad camera), she is a fantastic painter and paints some fantastic free hand.

 We played a tournament mission. 1250p, kill points. We all had some secrete objectives and some bonuses.
 The game started to m advantige. I got the first turn, and drop poded my guys, that killed 4 guys from the overlord squad.
 My Lasscanons in the long fang squad and ML dident do much, just managed to take of 2 hull point from that barg thingy. But after that, all went down hill for me...

 So this is how the table looked like in the begining.

From this day on, any one who will say that Ctan shard is a waist of point, dident play him in lower point games. He is a BEAST!  He ripped true everything that I had, and restored his life by killing my guys...

  I decided to take 2 lone wolves, what you see is waht you get. But they perferemed quate bad actually.
 Usually they take out monsters like noting. And they would have taken care of that ctan, if it wasent for one small thing.

 Thy got in to comabt after the Ctan charged my plasma squad. So he hade 10 guys, from who he could restore his wounds... So each time I inflick a wound on him, he restores 2...
 So my lone wolves could finish him of after the squad was killed.

  And how about that! I got 4 wounds, and rolles 4 ones on the armour saves... That was funny ^^)

  So at the end of the game I lost 6 to 4. If my last lone wolve would have died, and killed of that cryptek, it would be a tie. But a game is a game.
  And in this one I was making biiiiig mistakes!!!! I should remember the rules before next game.

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