Saturday, 9 March 2013

Day with Dark Angels

  Hey there! Today was a fantastic day for me. I had 3 games vs dark angels. I always like dark angels, their background and color scheme.

 Many people say that the new codex is underpowered. I say that its not. I felt like it is well balanced and thought out. Yes, some units should have gotten more love than the others, but at least its not grey knights!

  I will not explain the games in depth, but just tell you the main factors and the results.

  So In my list I had 2 units of GH in rhinos. One was 10 man strong with 2 meltas and the second one 8 strong with plasma. One units of 10 guys with 2 plasmas in drop pod. 6 man wolf guard. 4 termi armour, 2 thunder hammer/ storm shield, 2 combo claws and 2 with combi plasma, one had a power sword the other axe, in  power armour in a land raider. And 2/5 man long fangs with 4 ML with a rune priest with divination.

 My opponent had Belial in a command terminator squad with a champion with halleberd. 5 man terminator squad with a plasma cannon. 10 or more dark knights (bikers), 5 man tactical squad. A flier and nephelom (or what ever it is called) land speeder.

So at the first game we got purge the elion. I got the first turn. On the table he had only the 5 man squad, speeder and bikes. I shoot everything I got in to the bikes and killed 75% of them. (With the help of divination). But that wasn't enof.

 At his turn he brought his terminators behind my long fangs and killed the squad with the rune priest, which gave him the first blood. I tried to rally with my termis and the squads in rhinos to shoot his terminators down and then finish them with my terminators. But it didn't work. I mean the Belial squad and my terminators where in combat for 2 turns. So the game ended a los for me. I had 1 victory point and he had 7.

For the second game I knew what to expect from the new dark angels. We rolled of for the same mission, but he got the first turn. He blew up my land rider with one lucky shot from that land speeder with the rending... Then his plasma units where to close to my line and I had no chance of wining at that point, I was surrounded by his army... So I decided to give up, and try one more time vs them.

  The last game was the most interesting. The mission was crusade. We rolled for 5 objectives and he got the first turn. This time I decided to put my rune priest in the rhino with those 8 marines.

 But he deep strike his termis (again) and blew him up, killing the rune priest. He moved up his bikes in my line leaving his 5 man squad guarding the objectives.

 On my turn I deep strike my drop pod and killed of his 5 man unit. Then My marines and termies shoot at the terminators and assaulted them. Mostly the entire game was in the assault. He killed some guys I was killing his termies and bikes. At the 5th turn his flier came out and tried to shoot those grey hunters that deep strike in the drop pod and get them of the 2 objectives that I was holding. The most fun part was when One guy was standing in the middle, and he was holding those 2 objectives all by him self. At that point I only had him and the land rider left. Which also was contesting and objective.

  Know when think about it, and should have just moved all my tanks and max speed away from the terminators instead of charging them. The bikes wouldn't be a treat for me at that point. Since the power of the new dark angels codex is in synergy. The units separately will die like nothing.

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