Sunday, 24 March 2013

A game vs eldar

 Today I had a game vs eldar. This is my first game vs them. And to be honest, I am not impresed.
 My opponent used snipers, 2 farseers, a big unit of spiders, avengers and reapers.
 He got the first turn and only managed to kill 3 guys from my long fang squad and put a wound on my lone wolf. Oh! And we where playing the mission where you get d3 + 2 objectives.

  So on my turn I moved everything up. The drop pod with one melta and Arjac droped near his warlord. I killed a unit of snipers with my 10 man grey hunter squad by shooting at them. The Arjack unit killed almost all of the farseer unit, leaving only 2 guys alive and took of 2 wounds from the farseer.
 So on the eldar turn started of with the farseer getting perils and dieng. He tried to shoot down my guys but it dident work out. The spiders shoot at those 10 man grey hunters that killed of the snipers and only killed 3 guys. Then they charged in, killed one more and lost the combat (I dont remember how much I killed). So the run away from the table. So my opponent had one farseer with the spiders and 5 man squad snipers all on one hill, with no objectives captured. So my job was only to take cover and camp, so that on turn 5 I could run up and take the objectives. So it ended a win for me. I got first blood, line breaker and taken 2 objectives.
 BTW. We agreed that this will be the first campaingh game, that me, my opponent Sven, and one more member are making. I will try and update you the the campaingh and how it will go.

 I hoped you liked my little review of the game, I will try to be more active. Bu after work I amr really tierd and dont want to do anything...

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