Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Red corsairs hellbrute

 Hi guys! Here I have for you a chaos hellbrute from warhammer 40k starter set.

 When the sate came out I was already excited for the models. But in time my excinment for the cultists and chosen disappeared. But not for this guy! I think this is the best dreadnought out there! And he stands near the forgeworld nurgle dread. Thats my own opinion.

 I started painting this guy in December, but then I kinda lost interest in painting (As I do some times). So he was standing on the shelf gathering dust.

 I often visit , as it is my very first warhammer forum that I joined. They started a painting competition, and I immediately grabbed my hellbrute. But my problem was that it had some base colors. He had the dark reds on him and some flesh. But the member agreed that it is far from done. THX GUYS!

 So on my free days I was painting him. I saw plenty of pictures of him painted by other people, and the biggest mistake I noticed (my opinion) is that people paint the fleshy parts in the same color as the rest of the model. As you can see in the starter box.

 I decided that its a bad idea, and went for flesh colors. And I am happy with the result. I also like how my red turned out. Its blood red. On my other corsairs I was it with the red was, and it darkens it a little bit. But here I decided not to, and I am happy that I didn't.

The only problem that I I had painting the model was the face. I couldn't paint his eyes... After plenty of failed tries I went for dark eyes. And it turned out better then I expected.

 The back of the model was I pain to paint. I always use dark spray paint. And painting elf flesh on top of chaos black was a pain. I needed 5 layers of elf flesh to hide the black that was seen under the flesh.

  I never understood how to highlight properly. After some tries I finally got it! And the flesh on this model is highlighted to the right standards!

 I also added some skull white with elf flesh mix to some flesh parts, so that they will stand out. But not to all of them.

 All in all I am very happy with the model. But from 1 to 10, I would give my self a 7. I need to paint more, to get to the standards I want. And this model was a great chance to learn more!

 And here is my band together! Next stop are 5 more marines, 2 bikes and HLEDRAKE!!!

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