Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Lone wolf 6th edition tactics

Hi. I am not a master in tactics. But I wanted to share with you with my thoughts about lone wolves.

Unit Name: Lone Wolf
Unit Type: Elite 

Construction: Using the space wolves pack or wolf guard terminator boxes.

Unit Deployment: In cover.

Unit in play: Stand alone model.
Unit is most effective against: Monsters and walkers.
General Discussion:
 Its an elite slot. It’s a one model unit that can kill a monster or a walker in 1 or 2 hits.

What do you get for your points?
 Ok, so you get a lone model that is under 30 points. He is fearless, feel no pain and eternal warrior. That’s already great! Plus he can reroll his hits in combat against monsters, walkers and everything that has T6. So for the points you get a hunter for monsters. The big downside is that he is a pack of one, and because of that he is very weak against hordes…
  Also they work good in pairs. Take two lone wolves and play them near each other, to provide some extra buff. Belive me, my blood angel opponent couldn't kill those 2 guys with a squad of 10 death company and 5 assault marines. They also work good as your line protectors. How often do your long fangs get charged by some big tyranid monster or some other stuff? And while all of your main forces are in the center of the table, the long fangs are an easy kill for your opponent. So hide your lone wolf some where in terrain near the long fangs, and provide them some support in close combat, or at least you will get an extra turn of shooting with them, while your lone wolf will be stuck in combat with what ever is running towards your long fangs.
  So basekly he is a character that cant join units.

Wargear options:
 As I said, they have some great wargear options. But you should have in mind what game style you play. Is it an aggressive or protective.
 Power sword. - No good…
 Wolf claw – Good, but not great…
 Power fist, frost blade or frost axe – there are better options.
 Thunder hammer or storm shield – good. Storm shield will give you the invul. Save that you need. Since your wolf will be targeted by shooting. Thunder hammer is also good.
 Termi armour. – Its good for that +2 armour save. But the big down side is that you cant run him then, if you want to get him in your opponent lines. Now, I use my lone wolf to protect my lines. And my opponent usually run in to him like suckers! Tyranid players always drop something in they're pods or deep strike those monsters. So my lone wolf in termi armour, storm shield and thunder hammer has always work to do. And belive me, he will not die!
 Combi weapons – if you want to get that one extra attack on a charge, go for it. But I wouldn't recommend it.
 Chainfist – Also a great option. Hi will open those tanks like a tin can.
 Melta bombs – No need.
 Up to two wolves – If you want some extra wounds on him, go for it. I take two wolves with him.
 Mark of the wulfen – Waste of points if you ask me…

How to play the Lone wolf?
 Give him termi armour, thunder hammer and storm shield and guard you lines. Or give him two wolves, storm shield and some other weapon and run in to the center of the table. But he works best as a protector rather then an attacker.


  He is good against monsters, walkers and T6. He is a dead man against horde. He is under 30 points with no upgrades. He has feel no pain and eternal warrior. He is GREAT!

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