Friday, 15 February 2013

How I got in to WARHAMMER.

Hi. Want to give this forum more life. Its to quiet around here :P .
I was painting my hellbrute model for the painting competition, and I asked my self, why do I do this?. So, when I was a kid, I always where in the miniature gaming kinda thing. I played ROBOGEAR, Mekh attack, and other games from Russia. I liked playing them, the thing that I liked the most was that I could make up my own story after the game. So I asked my mom to have a little campaingh with me (I didn't even know that that was a canpaingh back then.) I picked a army full of mechanized zombies and humanoid lizards as my 2 groups, my mom picked knights and other human race, similar to bretonians. We made up an story on why do they fight with each other. And after each game we progressed the story with updates, based on how the game went on. So we had a game every day for one week. And after we had a small, 2 big peace of paper with story in it.
Then I started growing up, and I wanted to have a game that is more deep in stories, and more harder to get in. I found DnD, but didn't find any one in the internet who would play it in my country... Latter I was searching google for pictures of the new range of models, for that game that we played with my mom. And I saw 3 models, that where so amazing!!!!! They where warriors of chaos. I was just shoked how awesome they where! Then I saw 40k chaos space marines and spawns. I didn't have no idea what are they, or what game is it. I thought that those spawns are actually some aliens, and the marines are some gladiators from future :lol:
So I checked the warhammer site for more info. Just belive me when I say this, when I opened the site I fell of my chair! For me it was heaven. I picked dark elves as my first army. I didn't even check 40k section back then, because I always was in fantasy stuff. As my second choice, I picked WoC. I started to read the story of the 2 armies, and I denied WoC, since I am religions person, and back then I was kinda scared of them, because the warship deamons.
So afcourse my country didn't have any stores that where selling warhammer stuff. I noticed latter on that they have a shop in Finland. And its only 1.5 hours on a ship from my home town. I asked my mom to go there. So we did. The problem was that the shop, on the internet cart was to far away, something like 1 hour on foot. And when we got there, the shop wasn't no where to be found. But near it was a magic the gathering shop. I asked the owner of that shop about GW, and he told me that they've got closed and moved some where else, but hi didn't know where....
So I got very upset about it, my mom got angry. And we went to some kind of MEGA mall some where in the center of Helsinki. So what do you think? We got lost at the mall.... So we where searching for the exit (And guys, that mall, is a LABYRINTH!) We turned some where and got out on the parking lot. Long story short, we got out from the parking lot and what do you know, I was standing right in front of the GW store. I still think my mom was way happier that me at that point.
So back then my mom both me a Old metal Hydra (which I still have), High elve dragon, box of 5 Command exequs.... (the dark elve guys), box of corsairs, dark elf corsair hero, sorcerer, cold one knights, and I think thats it.
So that how I got in to the hobby. I had a very long time in solo playing, since I didn't know people who could play in my home town. Until I got a PM on from a guy who is also from Tallinn, and he gave me the link to the Tallinn gaming forum, and phone numbers who I can contact.
  So since then I play warhammer. The gaming group from my home town have shown me how to play fantasy, and latter on asked me if I am interested in 40k. So that is my story of how I got in to the hobby.

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