Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Alfa strike squad, is done.

Finally! Finally! I have finished my 10 man alfa strike squad!
I spend a big amount of time painting them. But each and every one of them got some love from me. I cant paint, if I don't feel doing that. And if I don't feel painting, then my miniature will get no love, which will mess up the over all look. That is how I paint.

I especially like this guy. I left him for last. I really liked his over all look, and pose. I had a problem with his left (for you right) eye. The mold was a little bit off, and the detail of the eye was lost! So I started searching forum for tutorials on how to paint scars.
 I found one that I liked the most, and tried it. It turned out good, not perfect, but good. Although you will not see how exactly it turned out, since the flash doesn't show it.

So my 1000p army is almost ready to go to the tournament. I have only 2 more marines to paint, one of them is my wolf guard. And to finish my rhino.
 And on the shelf I still have a land rider, and 5 wolves to paint. Then I can start striping paint from my old units, and give them the justice that they deserve!.


  1. Looks great! I'll be happy to see the army progress. Hey, can you come over to my blog and leave a positive comment or tip for a new blogger? That would be really helpful because it seems like you have gotten the hang of it. I know I need more posts, pics and projects so I don't need that tip.

    1. Hey. Thank you for your comment, and sorry for my late respond ((( I war really bussy with my life, so I dident chek in on my blog for some time((
      Afcourse I will chek out your blog and leave some suggestions ^^)