Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Alfa strike squad, is done.

Finally! Finally! I have finished my 10 man alfa strike squad!
I spend a big amount of time painting them. But each and every one of them got some love from me. I cant paint, if I don't feel doing that. And if I don't feel painting, then my miniature will get no love, which will mess up the over all look. That is how I paint.

I especially like this guy. I left him for last. I really liked his over all look, and pose. I had a problem with his left (for you right) eye. The mold was a little bit off, and the detail of the eye was lost! So I started searching forum for tutorials on how to paint scars.
 I found one that I liked the most, and tried it. It turned out good, not perfect, but good. Although you will not see how exactly it turned out, since the flash doesn't show it.

So my 1000p army is almost ready to go to the tournament. I have only 2 more marines to paint, one of them is my wolf guard. And to finish my rhino.
 And on the shelf I still have a land rider, and 5 wolves to paint. Then I can start striping paint from my old units, and give them the justice that they deserve!.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Why Pick Wood Elves?

This wonderful tactic was write by

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Good old, and fiuture days!

When I was painting my last marines for the Alfa strike squad, I remembered how I found 40k. And how I love each army, for different reasons.
 So I wanted you to pick 3 races, that you love the most. And explain why.

1-Space marines. They have a massive background. They are very versatile, and they look cool. You can convert them how you want, and paint them in different color schemes. Hey! You can even make your own chapter if you want!

2- CSM. Mostly the same thing as SM. But they are evil! More conversions, more great color schemes. And they are very fun to play! My very first game of 40k was with them. I still remember it, I played vs black Templar, and won the game. Thx to Sven, he made my love for CSM evean more!

3- Necrons. Evean when the new codex wasn't released, I loved them. Bionic, skeleton, undead type of army! What not to love? But with the new models released, they are so cool! Massive list possibilities! I think even more then in SM codexes. And I always wanted a rust theme army.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Whats new?

Hi guys! Sorry for the lack of activity, I just didn't have time to follow my own blog.
 All this week I was very busy. I was at the cinema, watching dark knight rises, which I must say is a very great film, and a great conclusion to the dark knight trilogy. And Anne Hathaway was great as catwoman. Then I was watching over  Batman begins, and the dark knight, just for fun.
 Then I was really busy doing my exam papers. Yes! I only have to study 5 months, and then its over!! Finally!
 And now, I have 2 space marines left, that are waiting to be painted, to be part of my red squad, suicide squad.
 BTW, I was very curious, which LV of painting are my new SM, and I contacted Shawn from blue table painting, and asked him. I was very happy when he told me that its at least LV 3, which is what I wanted.