Thursday, 16 August 2012

My dark ravens army is almost done

 He there! So I was collecting them for some years now, and I only need 5 marines with ML, 10 marines and my thunder wolf mount. It was a great time collecting this guys! I really love this army, and when it will be finished I can finally say that its done!


The other armies that I am thinking of doing are: CSM red corsair, that are already on the way. Dark eldar or eldar. I wanted an whole bike dark eldar army, but then noticed that the bikes are in the fast attack section. And dark angels. Now I have a problem with them. I already have a good SM army, and don't want to start a 3th power armor army, but I just looooooveee dark angels. The other army that I was considering instead of dark angels are sister of battle. Why not? They are female and hive white hair ^^)

 And this is my work space. I like to keep it clean, and all my paints in one specific place where the sun light will never touch them.


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