Sunday, 22 July 2012

Red corsairs on the way!

 When I started collecting my space marines army, I already started thinking, what my second army should be?

 I really love necrons! But I don't like their troop choice models. I love Dark eldar, but I will definitely brake them when going to the club. Space wolves? I already have a marine army that follows SW codex.

 CSM? I love the models, I love the fluff, and I have huron blackheart! So why not start a small 750p army of red corsairs! + there are getting a new codex in September, and they will be in the new starter set!

 And red corsairs arent those possessed, demon worshipers guys. In my way of seeing them, they are more like pirates!

 So I bought my 10 CSM guys, and started working on them as fast as I could.
When I applied the first color of red, I started thinking, what color can I add to them?

 Definitely gold and black, as it is in the fluff. But what else?

 Then I saw my captain of the first squad and added grey and blue to him. And it turned great!!

I really like the cold feel that the grey and blue make. At the same time the blood red really stands out on the miniature.

 Then I started painting the normal guys. I wanted to test my high light skill as well on them. And to be honest, I love them.

 I added grey highlight on every black part, and I really dig the end result.

 I also like the eyes on the guys, it feels cool.

And my WIP conversion of my second HQ that I want.

 I had the arm with the converted book planed for my librarian. But I decided to give it instead to this guy, because he look cool. And I had some problems with what head I should glue on. I just didn't feel that it should be a chaos head. And then I thought, blood angels? And here you have it!
 And here you have it! My main lord!

 I just love the model, it has a great pose, and great details on it.

 Painting it was great fun, and its metal! And I love metal models.

 But one problem with him was that I trow out his finger... I didn't know that it was part of the model, I thought that it was just a metal flash...
But still, I like the end result on him and the base that I decided to make for him.

 I will also add some burned out flock to him, and see how will it look at the end.
 And I cant wait to play a game with this guys! So that I can finally feel evil on the board!

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