Saturday, 21 July 2012

Little tournament

So some times we make a little tournament in our town, we usually ask some Latvian player to come over, so that we will have more players with different army build around. This tournament was made as a big ferwell to 5th edition. The last time When I was at such tournament I came second last, but this time I came 6th out of 10 players, which is really good for me.
 Also we have made 2 painting competitions, one for fully painted army, and the second one for those who dont have time for painting, so they only needed 1 squad 5 man squad and a HQ to take part in it. And I was the one who won the second competition. That was a really great news for me ^^)  P.S. Can you find me on the photos?

 And I really love this death company! They are painted really great for my taste.
 The orc player also paints really well, his army stands out on the table every time, and to be honest, I like his painting style.
 I decided to nominate my terminators, on which I spend a big amount of time. And my wolf priest, which is my best painted model (in my option) in my whole Dark Ravens army.

 I fun moment with Sang. taking on a GK dread.
 I storm ravens vs 2.
 I loved the list of this army. Its an inqusitor themed list with Coteaz in it. I playing against it in my second game. And it was really fun!
 We had great terrain on the tournament, and some CRAZY! Tables!
So at the end, this where the results

1. Areinikus SW 66 pts
2. Edde BA 57 pts
3. LJT BA/ Spiderdog GK 50 pts
4. Weran SM 45 pts
5. Zippy GK 36 pts
6. Steam SW 34 pts Its me!
7. Knight IG 33 pts
8. Peacemaker Ork 32 pts
9. Virgo GK 30 pts
10. Vlad Eldar 27 pts

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