Friday, 27 July 2012

Dark Elves

 Hi. My warhammer life started with dark elves. I was browsing google for an interesting miniature game, and I found the old dark elf hydra. When I saw the miniatures for the DE, I just felt in love with them!
 I liked their fluff and special rules. But I had a problem. First, I never played warhammer in my life! Second, I didn't know that there is a club in my home town. And third, there was no warhammer related products in my town to buy!

  So I went to Finland, to buy my first miniatures. But, since I didn't know how to paint, they turned out really bad! So after 2,5 years! I booth an archon for the dark eldar 40k army, just for the collection. But then I thought, what if I will put him on a square base and use as an dread lord? So then I repainted my sorceress as well. And this is how they turned out.
Of course I don't want to start a second fantasy army, since most of our players are 40k. But its always cool to have 2-4 miniatures on you shelfs, just a reminder of how you got to the hobby.
 And this  sorceress, is that kind of model!

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