Saturday, 21 July 2012

Chaplain conversion.

So I ahde a box of sunguinius guard from the blood angels range. And I really love the models. At first I wanted to convert one of them to my chapter master and the rest to his elite guard.
 But then I decided to convert one of them to a chaplain and the rest to wolf guard. Since I made up my own chapter I can make what ever I want with them ^^))
 So I was inspired by this masive conversion,  I dont remember the authors name, but I think I found this pictures in google. So I took my bitz boxs and started searching for my terminators shoulder pads, some sapce wolves icons and a CSM head. And at the end this is what I came up with
 I really love my end result, and I am hapy to use this guy in games. I normaly use him with a squad of scy claw that has a flamer, but in 6th edition, I want to try him with wolf guard in terminator armour. Just imagen, with the help og wolf priest I can rerrol to hit, and with 3 due claws I can rerrol to wound, isent that awsome?

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