Sunday, 22 July 2012

Battle vs Empire

 So today I had my first fantasy game in 2 years. We where doing 1250p game and I managed to make my list wrong. I spend more then 25% on my salnn which made me trow away one discipline, which actually made the game...

 But still the game was very interesting. I used 2 big saurus blocks of 24 guys with HW and S, with a slann and ancient steg.

 Since I don't play that much fantasy, I cant say what exactly units my opponent used. So he had big block of spearmen, 1 cannon, some big cannon ^^), priest, sorcerer, some fast cav. and a unit of some knights.  His lord used lore of shadows, which killed of my slann at the end.
 I also forgot how strong lizardmen could be in close combat. My 15 saurus stood against his spearmen and knights, and won at the end.

This is my opponents cav. Which I really liked.
 I really had a great time during this game. And I learned a lot from it.
 My main problem was that I forgot to use my disciplines on my slann.. But I will never do that mistake again!
 I also made a msitake when I tried to catch his fast cav. with my block of saurus. If I would just marched forward with that block, I could have goten more kill points in the game.
 And its really sad that my opponent killed of my skink oriest in his very first turne, and I couldent use my angine of the gods in his fule power...

  But still we ended with a draw. I found fantasy a very interesting game, and to be honest I enjoined it more then 40k. Also, I am planing to have more fantasy games in future, so I will be able to improve my skills and knowledge, so that I could play more competitive.
 So thats it for this game, and next time I will defenetly try to make a battle report.
 P.S. Those are not TG on the pictures, they are stand ass saurus.

Cool baner I think.

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  1. I liked the game alot hope to play mor in the future. Heres my full list by the way'
    Unnamed1225 Pts - Empire Army

    1 General of the Empire @ 134.0 Pts
    General; Barding; Great Weapon; Full Plate Armor; Warhorse

    1 Warhorse @ [0.0] Pts

    10 Knightly Orders @ 272.0 Pts
    Barding; Full Plate Armor; Standard; Musician; Warhorse

    1 Preceptor @ [10.0] Pts

    11 Warhorse @ [0.0] Pts

    1 Warrior Priest @ 87.0 Pts
    Prayers of Sigmar; Heavy Armour
    Helm of the Skavenslayer [15.0]

    28 Spearmen @ 265.0 Pts
    Spear; Light Armour; Standard; Musician

    1 Sergeant @ [10.0] Pts

    10 Det - Handgunners @ [90.0] Pts
    Empire Handgun

    5 Pistoliers @ 100.0 Pts
    Brace of Pistols; Light Armour; Musician; Warhorse

    5 Warhorse @ [0.0] Pts

    1 Great Cannon @ 120.0 Pts

    3 Crew @ [0.0] Pts

    1 Helblaster Volley Gun @ 120.0 Pts

    3 Crew @ [0.0] Pts

    1 Battle Wizard @ 125.0 Pts
    Magic Level 2
    Dispel Scroll [25.0]

    Additional Casting Dice: 0

    Additional Dispel Dice: 0

    Models in Army: 60

    Total Army Cost: 1223.0