Friday, 27 July 2012

Dark Elves

 Hi. My warhammer life started with dark elves. I was browsing google for an interesting miniature game, and I found the old dark elf hydra. When I saw the miniatures for the DE, I just felt in love with them!
 I liked their fluff and special rules. But I had a problem. First, I never played warhammer in my life! Second, I didn't know that there is a club in my home town. And third, there was no warhammer related products in my town to buy!

  So I went to Finland, to buy my first miniatures. But, since I didn't know how to paint, they turned out really bad! So after 2,5 years! I booth an archon for the dark eldar 40k army, just for the collection. But then I thought, what if I will put him on a square base and use as an dread lord? So then I repainted my sorceress as well. And this is how they turned out.
Of course I don't want to start a second fantasy army, since most of our players are 40k. But its always cool to have 2-4 miniatures on you shelfs, just a reminder of how you got to the hobby.
 And this  sorceress, is that kind of model!

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Red corsairs on the way!

 When I started collecting my space marines army, I already started thinking, what my second army should be?

 I really love necrons! But I don't like their troop choice models. I love Dark eldar, but I will definitely brake them when going to the club. Space wolves? I already have a marine army that follows SW codex.

 CSM? I love the models, I love the fluff, and I have huron blackheart! So why not start a small 750p army of red corsairs! + there are getting a new codex in September, and they will be in the new starter set!

 And red corsairs arent those possessed, demon worshipers guys. In my way of seeing them, they are more like pirates!

 So I bought my 10 CSM guys, and started working on them as fast as I could.
When I applied the first color of red, I started thinking, what color can I add to them?

 Definitely gold and black, as it is in the fluff. But what else?

 Then I saw my captain of the first squad and added grey and blue to him. And it turned great!!

I really like the cold feel that the grey and blue make. At the same time the blood red really stands out on the miniature.

 Then I started painting the normal guys. I wanted to test my high light skill as well on them. And to be honest, I love them.

 I added grey highlight on every black part, and I really dig the end result.

 I also like the eyes on the guys, it feels cool.

And my WIP conversion of my second HQ that I want.

 I had the arm with the converted book planed for my librarian. But I decided to give it instead to this guy, because he look cool. And I had some problems with what head I should glue on. I just didn't feel that it should be a chaos head. And then I thought, blood angels? And here you have it!
 And here you have it! My main lord!

 I just love the model, it has a great pose, and great details on it.

 Painting it was great fun, and its metal! And I love metal models.

 But one problem with him was that I trow out his finger... I didn't know that it was part of the model, I thought that it was just a metal flash...
But still, I like the end result on him and the base that I decided to make for him.

 I will also add some burned out flock to him, and see how will it look at the end.
 And I cant wait to play a game with this guys! So that I can finally feel evil on the board!

Battle vs Empire

 So today I had my first fantasy game in 2 years. We where doing 1250p game and I managed to make my list wrong. I spend more then 25% on my salnn which made me trow away one discipline, which actually made the game...

 But still the game was very interesting. I used 2 big saurus blocks of 24 guys with HW and S, with a slann and ancient steg.

 Since I don't play that much fantasy, I cant say what exactly units my opponent used. So he had big block of spearmen, 1 cannon, some big cannon ^^), priest, sorcerer, some fast cav. and a unit of some knights.  His lord used lore of shadows, which killed of my slann at the end.
 I also forgot how strong lizardmen could be in close combat. My 15 saurus stood against his spearmen and knights, and won at the end.

This is my opponents cav. Which I really liked.
 I really had a great time during this game. And I learned a lot from it.
 My main problem was that I forgot to use my disciplines on my slann.. But I will never do that mistake again!
 I also made a msitake when I tried to catch his fast cav. with my block of saurus. If I would just marched forward with that block, I could have goten more kill points in the game.
 And its really sad that my opponent killed of my skink oriest in his very first turne, and I couldent use my angine of the gods in his fule power...

  But still we ended with a draw. I found fantasy a very interesting game, and to be honest I enjoined it more then 40k. Also, I am planing to have more fantasy games in future, so I will be able to improve my skills and knowledge, so that I could play more competitive.
 So thats it for this game, and next time I will defenetly try to make a battle report.
 P.S. Those are not TG on the pictures, they are stand ass saurus.

Cool baner I think.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

My battle reports

I am still working on the style, in which I will be making this reports, so sorry if you will not like them.
Space wolves vs Blood angels

Space wolves vs Orcs

 Space wolves vs Space marines 
  This one is in a diferent style, in which I think I cuntinue to mkae the reports, but I need a new camera for that.

Little tournament

So some times we make a little tournament in our town, we usually ask some Latvian player to come over, so that we will have more players with different army build around. This tournament was made as a big ferwell to 5th edition. The last time When I was at such tournament I came second last, but this time I came 6th out of 10 players, which is really good for me.
 Also we have made 2 painting competitions, one for fully painted army, and the second one for those who dont have time for painting, so they only needed 1 squad 5 man squad and a HQ to take part in it. And I was the one who won the second competition. That was a really great news for me ^^)  P.S. Can you find me on the photos?

 And I really love this death company! They are painted really great for my taste.
 The orc player also paints really well, his army stands out on the table every time, and to be honest, I like his painting style.
 I decided to nominate my terminators, on which I spend a big amount of time. And my wolf priest, which is my best painted model (in my option) in my whole Dark Ravens army.

 I fun moment with Sang. taking on a GK dread.
 I storm ravens vs 2.
 I loved the list of this army. Its an inqusitor themed list with Coteaz in it. I playing against it in my second game. And it was really fun!
 We had great terrain on the tournament, and some CRAZY! Tables!
So at the end, this where the results

1. Areinikus SW 66 pts
2. Edde BA 57 pts
3. LJT BA/ Spiderdog GK 50 pts
4. Weran SM 45 pts
5. Zippy GK 36 pts
6. Steam SW 34 pts Its me!
7. Knight IG 33 pts
8. Peacemaker Ork 32 pts
9. Virgo GK 30 pts
10. Vlad Eldar 27 pts

Chaplain conversion.

So I ahde a box of sunguinius guard from the blood angels range. And I really love the models. At first I wanted to convert one of them to my chapter master and the rest to his elite guard.
 But then I decided to convert one of them to a chaplain and the rest to wolf guard. Since I made up my own chapter I can make what ever I want with them ^^))
 So I was inspired by this masive conversion,  I dont remember the authors name, but I think I found this pictures in google. So I took my bitz boxs and started searching for my terminators shoulder pads, some sapce wolves icons and a CSM head. And at the end this is what I came up with
 I really love my end result, and I am hapy to use this guy in games. I normaly use him with a squad of scy claw that has a flamer, but in 6th edition, I want to try him with wolf guard in terminator armour. Just imagen, with the help og wolf priest I can rerrol to hit, and with 3 due claws I can rerrol to wound, isent that awsome?

War on Mars

Hi, I want to make a gaming board for our local club here in my home town Tallinn. So once I dicidet to make an orange themed terrain, which in the end tuned out like Mars land scape. So know I am in a search of a cheap gaming table sized wooden board, thats I can cut in aquars, so that I can trasport it, and finish the rest of the terrain. So here are the pics, and I hope you like them.