Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Tactica: Eldar 6th Edition

 Writen by Ravariel on warseer.



New stuff:

  • RoWard are the best psychic defense in the game hands down. They got a HUGE boost with the nerf-batting of psychic hoods. Expect this to be a common reason for Eldar allies in other armies.
  • Witchblades got shifted, but it's more of a lateral move than anything. The bell curve peaks a bit lower, so it's not quite as good, but the difference is minimal.
  • Singing Spears are still S9, so huzzah! May be FAQ1.1'd out, but we shall see.
  • Ghost Helms are now the only thing that can save against perils. Kinda huge.
  • Some confusion about Spirit Stones and whether thay count as giving Mastery Level 2, but the FAQ for Eldrad makes it fairly clear to me that it does, so they have pretty good Deny The Witch saves.
  • Divination is a better set for Farseers than the codex list... unless you want/need fortune and doom. It becomes a tough choice, and many eldar may start running a cheap-ish fortune/doom seer with Eldrad, or another Farseer that can swap for Divination.
  • New Jetbike rules mean they are no longer instagibbed by S6. Hooray!

Uses: Obviously the most powerful and efficient of our HQs. Was before, more so now. One of the only psykers that can cast from inside a vehicle. I tend to use them as front-line fighters. Hang them out in a troop-sized Wraithguard squad so they can cover a large part of the table with Divination. Seer council is probably even more powerful now as you don't need to turbo-boost to get your free cover save, so can still shoot and cast powers. With turboboost and their free 2d6 hop during assault, they're still ridiculously fast and now even more durable than before, while being able to retain their versatility.

  • Kinda meh in the last edition, but useful in reserve-shenanigans lists. New restrictions on the amount of reserves pretty much make this choice one for fluffy players. Poor Autarchs
  • Kinda okay on a bike with spears now that S6 won't ID him. But Spears are still meh, so it's situational.

Give him a Fusion Gun, scorpion chainsword, mandiblasters and Warp Jump Generator, stick him with some Spiders and let him help them kill stuff... probably the best use of him now. You don't need to run 2 anymore to get your reserves on a 2+, so you don't have to sacrifice your ability to take psychers, Phoenix Lords, or the Avatar. Deep strike him and his spiders in to get some good looks at weak armor points. Against troops, directed hits with a melta gun is boss.

  • Same issues as generic Autarchs. No option for wings or Warp Jump Gnerator, so, with the new restrictions on assaulting out of vehicles, the Yriel Bomb is pretty much dead in the water. Poor Autarchs

Kinda blah now since you can't kit him like a regular Autarch. Maybe run him in a unit of Harlies for some extra punch (though I'm not sure how he would interact with their terrain shenanigans, he should benefit from the Shadowseer if nothing else.

  • See: farseer, plus all of Eldrad's normal dickery. Go-to for lore-swap because he's base Mastery 3, and gets 4 powers from our available lores.

Sweet beezus, he's a beast now. Even moreso than before. Just see the Farseer entry and turn it up to 11.

Phoenix Lords
  • Nerf to power weapons makes their lack of Invulnerable less of an issue.
  • Still overpriced.
  • Karandras and Jain Zar got a bit of a boost due to their AP2 weapons, but their respective aspects got kicked in the junk a bit, so they still suffer.

Avatar of Khaine
  • Better Daemon save than most, though still vulnerable to regular power weapons.
  • Wailing Doom is a shooting weapon, so probably gives no bonuses to his normal CC attacks, so he just attacks at his base stats, with normal MC rules.

  • Witchblade nerf hampers their tank-hunting abilities a bit.
  • Will need to be careful with placement for wound allocation. Can no longer try to save a guardian from a gun that breaks his armor (read: all of them) with her inv save, so she's likely to be leading from the middle in most groups.
  • Conceal is still good, even though generic cover is 5+ but easier to get. Enemies can't focus fire to deny cover. If you can get a stealth or shrouded char in the same unit, it becomes pretty crazy.
  • Embolden, Enhance and Destructor (except for overwatch, where this is now kinda awesome) are still the same-ish.
  • Mastery 0, so they will only ever get a +1 to Deny the Witch.


  • Rapid fire boost puts their guns so far behind the curve that they're practically useless.
  • Inability to assault out of a vehicle (even when parked) put a pretty hefty few nails in Storm's coffins.
  • Starcannons got a bit of a boost from the cover adjustment, and focus-fire.
  • Worst troop in the game right now. Poor Guardians. Sit over there by the Autarchs. Maybe we'll see you again in a few months.

Okay, that was the bad... so what can we do with them? The way I see it, there's two possibilities: The first is to run a huge blobsquad with a conceallock and divination/gunline support and camp one or two back objectives, daring people to trudge through your gunline to knock them off objectives. The other way is to run small, barely-dangerous squads as a way to get more Scatter Lasers on the board. Spread them out and try to cover as many angles as possible, and make sure there are some more important things to shoot while they try to shave HP and trim unit sizes.

  • Holy crap. Choosing targets on a roll of 6 to hit, where we also get AP1!? They are ridiculously good now. Maybe not 24 points apiece good, but certainly our best troop option.

It is now a tough call as to whether to run Rangers or Pathfinders. Scout is okay, as is ignoring terrain, but their shooting boost is somewhat wasted now as the 6's are where the money be. You may just want to set up in a ruin, save 5 points a model and just go to ground if you really think you need the 2+. These guys are the clear winners of the edition change. Pure gold.

Dire Avengers
  • Man, our guns just get worse and worse. Shuricats just lag behind every imperial gun out there, and most other xenos' as well.
  • Defend plus snap fire plus Divination help makes them a pretty serious contender for an actual tarpit worth using as a tarpit.
  • Exarch's Power weapon looks like a spear, so options exist if you charge, but AP4 afterwards is pretty crap. Best to convert to a Power Axe of some sort to get S4 AP2. Even at I1, it'll be better. If anyone whines about modelling for advantage, remind them you're using Dire Avengers.
  • Direswords are pretty decent now, as they are a power weapon with special rules, so regardless of appearance, they're AP3... which is enough for this unit. If you're fighting something that can save against a regular power weapon, you're probably dead, and just trying to slow someone down for a turn.

They lag behind pretty hard now in midfield firepower, where they were originally designed to do well. They will be out-ranged by bolters. If they can shoot a unit, that unit has a reasonable chance to charge them next turn. Bladestorm can only reliably kill 4 marines (for me, that's usually more like 2, but my dice work for the enemy), and they need counterattack help to reasonably expect to take a midfield objective. With Harlequin support, PW/Shimmershield and Defend, they can help soak the tip of the enemy's spear, if you can get them to a place where they can take it. However, they can't take a whole lot of shooting, so you're going to have to use them wisely. Even with the new vehicle rules, it's probably best for them to spend the first two turns or so inside a Serpent so they can survive to where you need to be. Since you can't score from inside a vehicle now, the old DAVU trick is no more. You gotta work HARD to make these guys useful in my opinion.

Guardian Jetbikes
  • New Jetbike rules make them T4 straight up, and Jink, they're actually quite good at zooming around and staying alive.
  • Can actually use them as an aggressive unit rather than just hiding in the backfield to nab last-minute objectives, though that option is still on the table.
  • Hammer of Wrath rule gives them a decent assault option. I still wouldn't run them into anything harder than a wet paper sack, but they're better than they were at this.
  • 12" in the movement phase and 36" in the shooting? Holy crap that's fast. They can cover the entire board in one turn. Even better than they used to be for stealing late-game objectives. Jump-shoot-jump shenanigans still apply.

To be quite honest, I've never been able to use Jetbikes very well. It's certainly a personal failing, and not one of the unit, as I know of many people who swear by them. But now, with the limited transport mobility, but greater shooting mobility of vehicles, these guys look like a contender for some really good S6 support. Hop out front of a serpent, shoot, then 2d6 back behind the serpent to keep them out of charge range. Think like a Tau, I guess. You really want to be careful, of course. If you get too close, even with the cannon, you could be in bolter range if you futz the assault jump. Combined with a bunch of Vipers, and a Prism or two for some punch, this could be the core of a crazy-fast army that, with a fortuneseer or two, be far more survivable than people would expect.


Howling Banshees
  • Rough day for my girls. Power weapon nerf means no more termie-hunting for these girls.
  • No assaulting out of transports makes for an unlikely chance for them to assault anything.
  • Still need Doom Support, though Divination helps them a LOT.
  • Converting to axes could make them a lot better, but unsure how that will interact with the Banshee Mask. As both are a set value it would be a roll-off... so a 50% chance to negate going first in order to gain S4 and AP2... not sure it would even be worth it.

Ouph. They can still hunt marine combat squads, but not much else. Still need either doom or divination support. Have to hoof it for at least one shooting phase, most likely 2. They are rough. Let us hope for an open-topped CWE transport in the next book, or an Assault Vehicle upgrade for the waveserpent. They had it rough in 5th, and they're even worse now, so maybe just hang them out behind that Avenger unit to counterattack whoever might try to assault the Avengers.

Striking Scorpions
  • Actually, they're pretty much the same as before. This edition didn't change them much at all. Vehicle nerf was harsh, but I never ran them in a transport anyway.

Can now infiltrate or outflank with their transport: kinda big. Can't assault out of a transport: rough. Can't assault from reserves at all: why would we outflank again? Yeah, infiltrate these guys... outflank is kinda ruined for them. One of our only AP2 cc attacks remaining in this unit with the Exarch. With precision strikes, they could be even more important, but with 3+ armor, other chars with power swords could be a problem.

Fire Dragons
  • Still the go-to Vehicle killers.
  • Transport nerf hurt them a little, they lose a couple inches of range when disembarking and shooting.
  • Melta Bombs in CC make them pretty decent against walkers and MCs now, as they hit on WS but at I1.
  • Still underpriced, but may see less necessary use as the meta shifts away from Mech.

  • Current FAQ gives them both their spotting rules AND Stealth and shrouding. Do not expect that to last past the 1.1 FAQ.
  • FC losing the +1 Init is rough, but they usually go first anyway, so whatevs.
  • Actually survivable out in the open now, especially with fortune support.
  • New HP rules make them a really good answer to light vehicles (though, honestly we have better answers).
  • The go-to CC unit for taking down TEQs.

  • Love me some Wraithguard. 10-man with a fortunseer and divination help make them one of the toughest bricks to move in the game (except for vs DE who can go lick a frog).
  • Guns will still kill god.
  • Snap fire and divination will pretty much guarantee noone wants to deal with them in the normal way (CC).
  • Great centerfield anvil that you can use to manipulate enemies' movement and tactics.

Fast Attack

Shining Spears
  • Improved Mobility, Jink save and access to Skilled Rider make them much more survivable than before.
  • Lances still meh, but Hammer of Wrath attacks give them a bit of a boost.
  • Still too expensive and too small a unit for anything beyond running around the periphery and taking out already-torn-up units.
  • Meh all around, especially as they are now unable to break Termie armor on the charge.
  • Unsure whether their lances follow the BRB "Power Lance" rules or their own. It's kind of moot due to the nature of the difference between AP3 and AP4, but may need to be FAQ'd.

Warp Spiders
  • New HP rules actually make them a really good light-tank hunter.
  • Spinneret Rifle kinda worth taking now due to the bonus on the pen chart. Also good at sniping special weapons in units due to the new character rules.
  • Better, but unsure if good enough to take in general games. Will need to see how things shake out a bit.

Swooping Hawks
  • Hey, we can toss grenades now... cool?
  • New HP rules make them actually good at what they're supposed to be good at: Killing tanks.
  • Jump infantry AND fleet make it so that they are good at getting where they need to be.
  • Still overpriced and fragile. Better but not great.

Vyper Squadron
  • HP system made them even more fragile than they already were, which is saying something.
  • Can fire two weapons at full BS while moving 12 means the chin cannon is back.
  • Using flat-out jink saves and "wound" allocation means you can use one vyper to screen two others who can still shoot. Very cool new tactic.
  • All in all, I think they got a boost, but they're still hard to justify at 70+ points apiece.

Heavy Support

Support Weapon Battery
  • New Artillery rules actually make these a lot better with T7, 4 Wounds (2 for gun 2 for crew).
  • Vibro-cannons are pretty good at shaving hull points now... can do so from multiple vehicles if they line up nicely.
  • D-cannon got worse due to the new blast rules, unlike most others, since it doesn't have a strength value.
  • Shadow Weaver is still blah.
  • Just what we need: more HS competition.

Dark Reapers
  • Always one of my favorite aspects, they got quite a bit better with the reduction of cover.
  • Can now be a threat to light vehicles with the HP system.
  • Still cost too much, exarch still needs to be able to spread his powers around, but better than last edition.

  • Is a Character. Yeah. Let that sink in.
  • No need for Smash as he's already S10.
  • Hammer of Wra(i)th rule makes them fun, though they're still meh in CC.
  • 3+ armor still sucks against long range AT weps, power fists, thunder hammers and the like.
  • DE still chuckle with pity when you bring one to a game with them.

War Walkers
  • Still the bomb.
  • Scout is about the same for Walkers.
  • Now threatens light/medium armor like whoa.
  • They are our best anti-flier without taking Forgeworld.
  • Reduced cover may make starcannons somewhat viable again.
  • HP system made them more fragile, but new squadron rules mean that immobilized guys can be left behind and still shoot. Awesome.

  • HP system hurt them a lot.
  • Holofields no longer worth it. Any result is equally bad, now, due to the HP system.
  • Can fire two weapons at full BS while moving 12" is good... means no longer having to take EML for plasma defensive bull.
  • No more DAVU shenanigans due to needing to be disembarked to claim/score.
  • Big Guns Never Tire make them a huge target, and their reduced survivability almost guarantees you're giving up a lot of VP.

Fire Prism
  • HP system hurt them a lot.
  • Holofields no longer worth it, spirit stones however, are still worth it.
  • Blast rules Make them VERY dangerous... Full blast strength make a pair of them a huge threat to everything.
  • Cover nerf makes them even more dangerous against MEQs and TEQs with the combined shot.

I think Prisms actually got better (now that I reviewed the blast rules) in this edition. You need to run with more than just them for vehicles or they become a target. I think with a unit of Vypers and/or Warwalkers and maybe some Serpents will make them much more survivable. In what seems to be the theme of the edition, you need to take a lot of vehicles to ensure the survivability of at least some of them to later turns, or none/few.


  • Probably the largest casualty to the new vehicle rules, waveserpents are now nearly worthless.
  • The energy field no longer really helps, because glances are nearly as dangerous as pens now, and any result is bad.
  • Only being able to disembark after moving 6" is pretty terrible for us. That you can move afterwards might be okay if our only exit wasn't in the rear.
  • Inability to assault out of a parked transport basically guarantees that our transported troops will never meet their target at full strength.
  • Star Engines mean you can move 12" in the movemenet phase and 30" in the shooting phase, so that's a bit of a boost.
  • But being easier to hit in CC means that you can't rely on speed to keep you alive when charging a flank.

I'm not going to go over Forgeworld stuff, because it's late and y'all can talk about that. These are my first impressions of how the new rules effect the Eldar. Please, if I am wrong about something let me know. I would love to find new and cool ways to make some of our stuff shine again. The biggest thing is that our vehicles, due to their mid-range AV and high price tag, are severely hurt by the new rules, moreso than many other lists. Imperials still have 35-50 point rhinos that will work nearly as well as a waveserpent for 1/3 the price. Necrons get the extra HP on vehicles with similar costs. We just can run enough of them to overcome the ease at which they will be going down. Let us hope for some cheaper transport options in the new book, maybe an open-topped Venom-like one, though seeing the serpent get an assault ramp would make it the bomb again. But enough wishing... what can we do in this edition to compete with the big boys?

Monday, 24 December 2012

Space wolves vs tyranids.

 Hi! So I am back. At the club we have a new player, which is from America. I was really exited to have a game with him, and to remember this game, I made a battle report.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

No time!

 Hi guys. Sorry for my lack of posts. I just dont have any time for painting or modeling. I have too much yourk at job, and to much home work at school ^^(
 I think that I will not have any games, untill I will move to Finland. So sorry for that.
 But be sure, I will nor forget the hobby ^^)!

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Alfa strike squad, is done.

Finally! Finally! I have finished my 10 man alfa strike squad!
I spend a big amount of time painting them. But each and every one of them got some love from me. I cant paint, if I don't feel doing that. And if I don't feel painting, then my miniature will get no love, which will mess up the over all look. That is how I paint.

I especially like this guy. I left him for last. I really liked his over all look, and pose. I had a problem with his left (for you right) eye. The mold was a little bit off, and the detail of the eye was lost! So I started searching forum for tutorials on how to paint scars.
 I found one that I liked the most, and tried it. It turned out good, not perfect, but good. Although you will not see how exactly it turned out, since the flash doesn't show it.

So my 1000p army is almost ready to go to the tournament. I have only 2 more marines to paint, one of them is my wolf guard. And to finish my rhino.
 And on the shelf I still have a land rider, and 5 wolves to paint. Then I can start striping paint from my old units, and give them the justice that they deserve!.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Why Pick Wood Elves?

This wonderful tactic was write by

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Good old, and fiuture days!

When I was painting my last marines for the Alfa strike squad, I remembered how I found 40k. And how I love each army, for different reasons.
 So I wanted you to pick 3 races, that you love the most. And explain why.

1-Space marines. They have a massive background. They are very versatile, and they look cool. You can convert them how you want, and paint them in different color schemes. Hey! You can even make your own chapter if you want!

2- CSM. Mostly the same thing as SM. But they are evil! More conversions, more great color schemes. And they are very fun to play! My very first game of 40k was with them. I still remember it, I played vs black Templar, and won the game. Thx to Sven, he made my love for CSM evean more!

3- Necrons. Evean when the new codex wasn't released, I loved them. Bionic, skeleton, undead type of army! What not to love? But with the new models released, they are so cool! Massive list possibilities! I think even more then in SM codexes. And I always wanted a rust theme army.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Whats new?

Hi guys! Sorry for the lack of activity, I just didn't have time to follow my own blog.
 All this week I was very busy. I was at the cinema, watching dark knight rises, which I must say is a very great film, and a great conclusion to the dark knight trilogy. And Anne Hathaway was great as catwoman. Then I was watching over  Batman begins, and the dark knight, just for fun.
 Then I was really busy doing my exam papers. Yes! I only have to study 5 months, and then its over!! Finally!
 And now, I have 2 space marines left, that are waiting to be painted, to be part of my red squad, suicide squad.
 BTW, I was very curious, which LV of painting are my new SM, and I contacted Shawn from blue table painting, and asked him. I was very happy when he told me that its at least LV 3, which is what I wanted.

Friday, 31 August 2012

Tournament is near

Soon, very soon, there will be a tournament in my home town!
 And I am making some army compositions for it. I really exited for it, but there is a down side. I don't have a place where I can have regular games any more... So yeah.
 But still! I had a 1000p list, that I really liked, and I changed it a little bit, just a little.
 So soon I will be posting pics from the tournament.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Librarian WIP

In all games I used my captain from the assault on the black reach as my rune priest, so its time to use a real librarian now!

 So I opened my bit box, and gather different bitz for the conversion, and this is what came out!
 The thunder hammer is from the wolf guard box set, the body is from the rhino box and tactical squad. The legs are from sanguinary guard box, the book is from the high elf dragon box, and the hood is a conversion from the shoulder pads.

Monday, 27 August 2012

Army update 27.08.2012

 After one month of waiting, I got this guy!
 He will be my thunder wolf for my Wolf Lord!
 I really wanted this guy, his pose is great, and the sculpt, is just something!
 And here is my WIP banner, for my drop pod squad.
 I was thinking of painting the chapter symbol on every banner, but after I painted the banner, I really liked how it turned out, and I dont want to ruin it with those white symbols.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Help is on the way!

 So finally! I can paint to the table top standard! Heres my new marines for my, as I call them, suicide unit.
 I especially like how I painted their faces, I never knew how to paint faces, and one day at the morning I decided to try out one think which turned out as I love, and as you see!
 Heres an example of how the old guys look and the new ones! As you can also tell I changes the colors composition a little bit. And my very first marines, that I really love, since they have some place in my hart, will get an repaint! Since I now know how to strip plastic fast and cheap ^^)

Friday, 17 August 2012

New power sword

I want to improve my painting skills, so I research on some different styles of how to paint power swords. I found this link http://www.heresy-online.net/forums/showthread.php?t=83872, and tried to do my best.
 As usually the first attempt is always bad, but, not that bad ^^)

Thursday, 16 August 2012

My dark ravens army is almost done

 He there! So I was collecting them for some years now, and I only need 5 marines with ML, 10 marines and my thunder wolf mount. It was a great time collecting this guys! I really love this army, and when it will be finished I can finally say that its done!


The other armies that I am thinking of doing are: CSM red corsair, that are already on the way. Dark eldar or eldar. I wanted an whole bike dark eldar army, but then noticed that the bikes are in the fast attack section. And dark angels. Now I have a problem with them. I already have a good SM army, and don't want to start a 3th power armor army, but I just looooooveee dark angels. The other army that I was considering instead of dark angels are sister of battle. Why not? They are female and hive white hair ^^)

 And this is my work space. I like to keep it clean, and all my paints in one specific place where the sun light will never touch them.


Tuesday, 14 August 2012

A game vs space marines

Hey guys! Today I had a 1000p games vs space marines.

 Me and my opponent didn't now the rules well, but its great that we had a rule book with us!

 We played "big guns never tier" mission, and it was a great mission.
  At the beginning I was losing.

 And I must admit, we played some things wrong.

 The must stupid thing for me was that I forgot that you cant take armor saves from plasma wounds. And I had 5 of them made, which my opponent saved....

 Then My opponent forgot to use his "deny the witch", which was also stupid...

 And on our last turners we forgot that its night fighting...

But in the end, I still managed to grab 6 point from 2 objectives, while my opponent had 5.  



Sunday, 12 August 2012

Space wolves vs Tyranids 1000p

Space wolves vs Tyranids 1000p
 This was a great battle, I could have won if I remembered to move my troops on my last turn.
 Here are also some pictures that I have made during the game!
  This was my favore combat of all time! My lone wolf Arkor smashed that bug!
 My heavy bolter long fangs dident do theyr job! So back to ML!
   And my last reach for the win!

Friday, 10 August 2012

40k markers

Hi! So I reading the new 6th edition rule book, and played 2 game with th new rules, and I really liked it.

For me, the most interesting part are the missions, I really like them. So I grabbed so spare stuff that I had and started making objective markers.

 I just cut some spare sprue and glued them on a piece of plastic, then added some cork to the base, and here it is! Only painting is require now ^^

Friday, 27 July 2012

Dark Elves

 Hi. My warhammer life started with dark elves. I was browsing google for an interesting miniature game, and I found the old dark elf hydra. When I saw the miniatures for the DE, I just felt in love with them!
 I liked their fluff and special rules. But I had a problem. First, I never played warhammer in my life! Second, I didn't know that there is a club in my home town. And third, there was no warhammer related products in my town to buy!

  So I went to Finland, to buy my first miniatures. But, since I didn't know how to paint, they turned out really bad! So after 2,5 years! I booth an archon for the dark eldar 40k army, just for the collection. But then I thought, what if I will put him on a square base and use as an dread lord? So then I repainted my sorceress as well. And this is how they turned out.
Of course I don't want to start a second fantasy army, since most of our players are 40k. But its always cool to have 2-4 miniatures on you shelfs, just a reminder of how you got to the hobby.
 And this  sorceress, is that kind of model!

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Red corsairs on the way!

 When I started collecting my space marines army, I already started thinking, what my second army should be?

 I really love necrons! But I don't like their troop choice models. I love Dark eldar, but I will definitely brake them when going to the club. Space wolves? I already have a marine army that follows SW codex.

 CSM? I love the models, I love the fluff, and I have huron blackheart! So why not start a small 750p army of red corsairs! + there are getting a new codex in September, and they will be in the new starter set!

 And red corsairs arent those possessed, demon worshipers guys. In my way of seeing them, they are more like pirates!

 So I bought my 10 CSM guys, and started working on them as fast as I could.
When I applied the first color of red, I started thinking, what color can I add to them?

 Definitely gold and black, as it is in the fluff. But what else?

 Then I saw my captain of the first squad and added grey and blue to him. And it turned great!!

I really like the cold feel that the grey and blue make. At the same time the blood red really stands out on the miniature.

 Then I started painting the normal guys. I wanted to test my high light skill as well on them. And to be honest, I love them.

 I added grey highlight on every black part, and I really dig the end result.

 I also like the eyes on the guys, it feels cool.

And my WIP conversion of my second HQ that I want.

 I had the arm with the converted book planed for my librarian. But I decided to give it instead to this guy, because he look cool. And I had some problems with what head I should glue on. I just didn't feel that it should be a chaos head. And then I thought, blood angels? And here you have it!
 And here you have it! My main lord!

 I just love the model, it has a great pose, and great details on it.

 Painting it was great fun, and its metal! And I love metal models.

 But one problem with him was that I trow out his finger... I didn't know that it was part of the model, I thought that it was just a metal flash...
But still, I like the end result on him and the base that I decided to make for him.

 I will also add some burned out flock to him, and see how will it look at the end.
 And I cant wait to play a game with this guys! So that I can finally feel evil on the board!

Battle vs Empire

 So today I had my first fantasy game in 2 years. We where doing 1250p game and I managed to make my list wrong. I spend more then 25% on my salnn which made me trow away one discipline, which actually made the game...

 But still the game was very interesting. I used 2 big saurus blocks of 24 guys with HW and S, with a slann and ancient steg.

 Since I don't play that much fantasy, I cant say what exactly units my opponent used. So he had big block of spearmen, 1 cannon, some big cannon ^^), priest, sorcerer, some fast cav. and a unit of some knights.  His lord used lore of shadows, which killed of my slann at the end.
 I also forgot how strong lizardmen could be in close combat. My 15 saurus stood against his spearmen and knights, and won at the end.

This is my opponents cav. Which I really liked.
 I really had a great time during this game. And I learned a lot from it.
 My main problem was that I forgot to use my disciplines on my slann.. But I will never do that mistake again!
 I also made a msitake when I tried to catch his fast cav. with my block of saurus. If I would just marched forward with that block, I could have goten more kill points in the game.
 And its really sad that my opponent killed of my skink oriest in his very first turne, and I couldent use my angine of the gods in his fule power...

  But still we ended with a draw. I found fantasy a very interesting game, and to be honest I enjoined it more then 40k. Also, I am planing to have more fantasy games in future, so I will be able to improve my skills and knowledge, so that I could play more competitive.
 So thats it for this game, and next time I will defenetly try to make a battle report.
 P.S. Those are not TG on the pictures, they are stand ass saurus.

Cool baner I think.