Friday, 7 January 2011

Tne new fluff for my chapter.

While my lizardmen are getting done I wanted to present you the new fluff for my space marines chapter.

Name-Black ravens
Founding chapter-imperial fists
Founding-3st founding chapter
Chapter master-Ellyron the black
Home world-Mastral Elmurus
Fortress-monastery-Captain ship
Main colors-black and grey
Specialty-Hunt down alpha legion
Battle cry-For the hunt
Estimated strength-1000

We hunt in shadows, but emperor gives us the light that we need. Hunt or be hunted.

Home planet Mastral Elmurus.
The planet is populated with human tribes. The tribes man follow the honor of hunting. The planet it self is fully covered with big massive trees and swamps. The tribes man have learned how to leave in such conditions and how to survive on a planet full of wild beasts. It is told that the beasts fear the tribes man more than they fear the beasts.
History of the chapter.
The chapter was created by the high lords of Terra. The chapter was created after Horus heresy when plenty of traitors escaped. It was they're job to find the traitors and kill them, or bring them to justice. But the High lords realized that one chapter cant do it, so they have decided that they're main mission is to Find the enemy but not to fight them.After the chapter was formed they where broth to they home planet along with they're first chapter master Vezall. Landed on he planet they found one of the tribes, the symbol of which where a raven. Verzall dident awnt to kill the owners of the planet proposed to split the theyr territory in 2 parts. The 1 part will belong to the tribes man and the second to the marines. On such terms they all agreed and let the marines leave on the planet. In future the 2 populations began to work together, helping each other in some things. The leader of the tribes man offered Verzall some trening on how to hunt down a prey. So began the future fate of the chapter. Every one of the tribes man trained the marines in hunting details. Marines begun to cognize more and more in hunting and soon with full confidence the chapter could call them self the hunters.
They took the traditions of the tribes as they're own. The tribes man that reaches the 4th hunting step is allowed to own the spear of hunters and there is only 5 steps, the 5th step is the most dangerous, when the hunter reaches the 5th step hi must take the souls of his master in his own so that his master will leave for ever. It is spoken among marines that Verzall is 1 of 2 among his chapter one who is able to reach this step.
  The more the chapter hunted along with the tribe, the more they turned willed. The tribes man also teached marines how to control they're wailed nature and use it only in battle, at home they should stay come and never attack they brothers.
On one ritual hunt when Verzall and the tribes chief went hunting alone, the chief offered Verzall and his chapter to become one with the tribe. At this point it was an honor to become one with they're teachers. When they returned to home with a big prey Chief told every one that the Black ravens are now one of them. So from that they every black raven marine has a tattoo on his face symbolizing the tribe, and every one of them has the symbol of hunting on they shoulder pads. In time the tribe and marines have clamed more and more of the planet territory fighting with other tribes.
Now Verzall is death and buried on his home planet. Over his grave stands a huge statue of him self. Before his death Vazall has told every one that a true chapter master should defeat alone one of the strongest beasts that leaves on the planet in prides. The beats is called among the villagers Amaruzu, it is something similar to an lion with an head of crocodile and legs with venomous claws. After the death of Vazall only 2 marines have defeated the beast. The first who has defeated him has died latter on in a battle with tyranids, but the second one leaves today and is told to be stronger and wiser then Vazall.
  Black ravens today.
The chapter prefers close combat rather then shooting. They land behind enemy lines in drop pods while the enemy fights assault marines and dreadnoughts. Because of they're wailed nature, the chapter has many great victorys behind they're backs, most of them where against traitor marines and orcs, who some times stand in they way while they gather information about traitors.
 The chapter work closely with Ordo Hereticus, which often take the help of black ravens to hunt down the traitors, the alpha legion which most of the time have escaped the sword of the empire and continued to terrorize the empire. The ordo respects the job of the chapter and as recognition have promised to restore the numbers of the chapter when it will be needed.  As respect of the ordo, on the left shoulder pads the chapter cares the symbol of the inqusitors. 

 Many time the chapter was fighting along side with guardsmen. All this battles where failures because of the little experience of guardsmen. In all reports the guardsmen wrote that it where the dark ravens because of which the missions field. After the last report in which  when the general of guardsmen wrote that the dark ravens are irresponsibil and ignorant and don't know how to fight a battle, Ellyron decided that no more allays with guardsman will be taken as one.
  The chapter have some respect of eldar who also hunt the traitors. They respect the fighting style of the eldar because it is like they own in some parts.
Ellyron the black- The 3 chapter master of the black ravens. There are rumors that his master was the first chapter master and he was able to reach 5th step of hunters and taken the souls of vazall, but no one knows for sure.
he willed pair of lighting claws and prefer to reach his enemy in a drop pod and join close combat. He wears a helmet that is very damaged but hi never changed it after he was nominated as chapter master.
Captain Nikolai-The captain is young but cruel in battle. His favorite weapon is a power sword which hi always takes in battle. He usually joints a unit of 10 marines. He is told to be one of those who can be the new chapter master, so strong he is. He never lost a battle before and hes marines respect him for who he is.
Egory-Chaplain of the chapter. Is a very cruel warrior. Never leaves hes enemy alive. In battle he is very fast and the enemy doesn't knows when he will strike, he is also called the snake.
The wise Imayl.-Librarian of the chapter. Prefers not to take part in close combat, hes element is battle in distant, shooting. He is a very good strategic. Hes goal is to be one of the greatest librarians in the empire.
Captain Caren- Commands  4th fleet
Captain Farus- Commands 5th fleet
Captain Regan-Commands 6th fleet
Captain Markus-Commands 7th fleet
Captain Larim-Commands 8th fleet, and is told to be once the commander of the 1st fleet.

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