Friday, 26 November 2010

the finished marines and drop pod!

 So I have done the squad at last! I love the way they turned out and especially the bases. For the bases I went with snow. Mixed the citadel snow with white PVA glue and a little bit of water. 

I also decided to paint an inquisitorial symbol on the shoulder pad.  I tooth that it will be a nice touch up on them since by the background they are commanded by the inquisitors.

The drop pod was a really had job. I painted all the details one by one and only glued them when all of them where painted.

Also I have gotten an idea and added a little punk style to them by writing some crap on the drop pod, like: chaos is weak, we are the best, for the emperor and etc.
So I am very pleased on how they turned out and am hopping to get some money soon for new stuff like termis and rhino.
 Pls. let me know what do you think about them!

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