Tuesday, 30 November 2010

I love making terrain when I have the motivation for it. So I had some and made some new terrain that willb e seen on this video. In othe news I am planing o haev a game with my marines vs. CSM so I will try to get it soon. Since I dont have point for 500p game I will ask my friend to give me his blood angels which I will be using as space wolves.
  Also I had an idea of adding a land speeder to my army, but I dont know how it will work with sapce wolves. If some one has tried it pls tell me how was it.

Friday, 26 November 2010

the finished marines and drop pod!

 So I have done the squad at last! I love the way they turned out and especially the bases. For the bases I went with snow. Mixed the citadel snow with white PVA glue and a little bit of water. 

I also decided to paint an inquisitorial symbol on the shoulder pad.  I tooth that it will be a nice touch up on them since by the background they are commanded by the inquisitors.

The drop pod was a really had job. I painted all the details one by one and only glued them when all of them where painted.

Also I have gotten an idea and added a little punk style to them by writing some crap on the drop pod, like: chaos is weak, we are the best, for the emperor and etc.
So I am very pleased on how they turned out and am hopping to get some money soon for new stuff like termis and rhino.
 Pls. let me know what do you think about them!

Monday, 1 November 2010

Sons of preadator 1 battle my thoughts

Hi guys. So I have played 2 games yesterday with space wolves vs. space wolves 500p. And I was very happy with the codex and the stats of grey hunters, what I want to say is that when you play 500p you should take 10 grey knights with flamer
6 grey knights with power fist and flamer
Rune or wolf priest
  First game was capture and control with 1 objective on each side. I just left 10 hunters on the objective and the razorback near them for shooting while the other group where trying to capture the 2 objective. And I won. In this mission when you’re playing 500p don’t try and capture the 2 objective, try to move your opponent as far as possible from it and control your main objective.
     The 2 mission was pitch battle. Also won the game with leaving all my units in tanks, the tanks where just shooting my opponent and trying to rampage him, so what happened in the end is that I only lost 3 hunters and the razorback got immobilized, when my opponent lost 10 grey hunters, 6 assault guys and his dreadnought lost a cannon (I don’t remember what cannon I think it was a lasskanon)
 So I really enjoyed the game and was happy with the results!