Thursday, 30 December 2010

Going on with my lizardmen

So I didn't have any interest in anything for some time because my dog died and I had an awful mood. But now I am back and I have gotten forward with my lizardmen and I wanted to show you what I have done so far.
 I still need to buy for the army 24 saurus warriors, 2 boxes of skinks, old blood on cornosaur (I just love that model) and 3 salamanders.
 I also need to convert one old blood on foot and 5 chameleons skinks, and after it is done I will put my hands on the warriors of chaos battalion!

Sunday, 19 December 2010

started repainted my lizardmen!

So I have started with mys skinks and on the picture you are able to see what I have done so far.

 So I painted the body with snot green, washed with green wash and dry brushed it with scorpion green. Then I painted the scale on the back with hawk turquise, washed it with sepia and dry brushed it with a mix of haw turquise and skull white.
 All the gold part where painted with shining gold. and wahsed with sepia.

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

I love making terrain when I have the motivation for it. So I had some and made some new terrain that willb e seen on this video. In othe news I am planing o haev a game with my marines vs. CSM so I will try to get it soon. Since I dont have point for 500p game I will ask my friend to give me his blood angels which I will be using as space wolves.
  Also I had an idea of adding a land speeder to my army, but I dont know how it will work with sapce wolves. If some one has tried it pls tell me how was it.

Friday, 26 November 2010

the finished marines and drop pod!

 So I have done the squad at last! I love the way they turned out and especially the bases. For the bases I went with snow. Mixed the citadel snow with white PVA glue and a little bit of water. 

I also decided to paint an inquisitorial symbol on the shoulder pad.  I tooth that it will be a nice touch up on them since by the background they are commanded by the inquisitors.

The drop pod was a really had job. I painted all the details one by one and only glued them when all of them where painted.

Also I have gotten an idea and added a little punk style to them by writing some crap on the drop pod, like: chaos is weak, we are the best, for the emperor and etc.
So I am very pleased on how they turned out and am hopping to get some money soon for new stuff like termis and rhino.
 Pls. let me know what do you think about them!

Monday, 1 November 2010

Sons of preadator 1 battle my thoughts

Hi guys. So I have played 2 games yesterday with space wolves vs. space wolves 500p. And I was very happy with the codex and the stats of grey hunters, what I want to say is that when you play 500p you should take 10 grey knights with flamer
6 grey knights with power fist and flamer
Rune or wolf priest
  First game was capture and control with 1 objective on each side. I just left 10 hunters on the objective and the razorback near them for shooting while the other group where trying to capture the 2 objective. And I won. In this mission when you’re playing 500p don’t try and capture the 2 objective, try to move your opponent as far as possible from it and control your main objective.
     The 2 mission was pitch battle. Also won the game with leaving all my units in tanks, the tanks where just shooting my opponent and trying to rampage him, so what happened in the end is that I only lost 3 hunters and the razorback got immobilized, when my opponent lost 10 grey hunters, 6 assault guys and his dreadnought lost a cannon (I don’t remember what cannon I think it was a lasskanon)
 So I really enjoyed the game and was happy with the results!

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

So I have almost finished the 1 squad. I really like how they turned out.

Monday, 25 October 2010


My most favorite guy is with the 2 guns. I spend some time thinking how I want them to look and desided that they showld be all diferent and crazy!

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Sons of predator

Sons of predator.
Battle cry: Hunt until the victim is dead.
The XXXXXXX chapter of the adeptus astartes were created by the crimson fists to locate and hunt down heretics after they had reclaimed a world, so that the crimson fist's could get onto biger and better campaigns. For 2 hundred years, they carried out their original mission, their great chapter numbering over 1000 battle ready marines, pourging world after world of daemons, heretics and pirates, until they encountered a large block of chaos renegades who, with the help of huron blackheart, had aquired a large fleet of piratical ships, and had ambushed the docked fleet of loyalist marines. The element of surprise meant that the renegade ships had the upper hand, and they destroyed all but three of the chapters great armada of ships. these three ships managed to escape and send out a distress call, hoping toi find a large amount of allied ships nearby. They were in luck, as the space wolves (A great rival of Huron Blackheart) had already had 3 great companies dispatched onto a world, only half a lightyear from the system where the surviving ships had docked. The full force of the space wolves was sent to aid the wounded fleet, hunting down and destroying every last ship of the renegade force. And so, from then on, the XXXXXX's pledged to hunt down pirates in the name of the immortal emperor!
They don’t have a home planet so they hop from planet to planet. But most of the time they live on theyr own space ship. They regularly visit the Space Wolves Homeworld.
The chapter is young but still a force that can stand its own.
First ship.
The first ship is the main attack force. They do not strike swiftly, but heavily, and will crush any who stand against them. They are the hammer, to strike with force and without mercy.

Chaplin Arborn. Was the first who brought terminators to the ship. He always goes to war in terminator armor and lighting claws.
He has won 10 battles and brought 3 pirate captains to justice.
65 tactical marines
12 terminators
35 assault marines
4 dreads
1 ironclad dread
10 rhinos
35 drop pods
2 land riders.
2 vindicadors.

Second ship.
The second ship is the spotter and harasser. They are not great in number, nor armour, but in speed. They hold the rogue's attention and concentration to direct it away from the First ship. They are the vice, to hold the foe steady and tight for the hammer to hit home.

Librarian Lipphus. Killed in combat 3 chaos sorcerers and has earned a medal for that.
70 marines
35 assault marines
6 terminators
1 dread
6 bike squads
2 land speder storm
50 rhinos
1 worlwind
10 drop pods

Third ship.
The third ship is the back-up. They intercept any distress signals from the rogue and scramble them beyond incoherency. They are tasked with preventing any form of assistance or escape. They are the glove, to protect themselves from ambush, and prevent the enemy from any hope of escape.

Captain Nikolai. Known as the lion sword. Is famous for sacrificing his ship for his army, also he posses a magical sword that he took from an elder captain in battle.
40 marines
10 assault marines
3 predators
2 dreads
2 worlwinds
2 vindikadors
20 rhinos
4 drop pods
1 land riders

Forth ship.
The fourth ship was the lone operator. It would separate from the other three to investigate troubles in other sectors and summon the force if pirates were found to be operating. On one such excursion it drifted into an unexplained Shadow in the Warp, where the Astronimican could not reach them. Unable to navigate, they dared not risk a Warpspace jump, and were never heard of again. Seven years later, the Tyranids were found near their last known location.
But know the forth ship is new born. It has a new captain. Inquisitor Marus. He is strong and smart. He prefers battle is space where his knowledge should be very useful, but when the battle comes on some planet he prefers not to interfere but leave the dirty job to squads.

Battle on Morentai.
The chapter had only 3 great battles. But still they are very bloody and victories.
In a normal investigation mission, ship number 3 detected an Orcs ship.
Captain Nikolai commanded to open fire if the pirate ship comes any near. But suddenly the ship turned and begun to float to a different direction. Captain was surprised since it was not as orcs normally react.
He questioned his leader Inquisitor Marus for commands. The command was simple. They had to destroy the ship until it get reinforces and will attack first. The 3 ship followed the pirates until they came across a planet named Morentai, there was no live on the planet, it was only sand on it.
Captain commanded to open fire for hope that the orcs ship will fall on the desert planet. But the orcs ship opened fire first which led to a big damage of the ship. After the 1 shoot from the orcs, the ships guns where all disabled and the ship didn’t listen to any commands.
Captain Nicolai tried to reach the inquisitor but didn’t manage to do it, mean while orcs started to shoot with everything they got and started closing up with the ship. Nicolai new that orcs are planning to take command of the ship, and he also new that there are too many orcs and if the battle continues on the ship there will be no more hope for them to stay alive, so hi ordered to prepare the drop pods and prepare the self distraction mode on the ship. All the marines have catapulted from the hip, only the captain stayed there to take karee of the orcs until there will be only few seconds until the ship blows up.
When the first orc entered the ship he slew his head of with his elder sword. The second orcs has gotten a bullet in the head. But after the 2 orcs there where a lot more. The captain got injured in the battle so he decided as quickly as possible to catapult from the ship. He quickly rained it to the drop pod and catapulted the ship. When he landed on the planet he saw how his ship and the orcs ship blown up in space.
After 2 days hi and his army was founded by the 1 ship which didn’t get a response from them.


Saturday, 11 September 2010

High elves are great warhammer race and they have great models!
 I used to play dark elves but later I decidet to sell them. Today I will but the prince on grifon from the island of blood to start a high elves army. I want this army just for fun and this models will always be in my gaming list.
 prince on grifon
 mage on dragon
 mage 2
phoenix guard (if I will get the old metal ones)
lion chariot (2)
sea guard (if they will relis a box of 10)
bolt trower
and some special charcter!

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

So finally I have finished the display board.

When I finished painting it I noticed that the dry brush turned out lighter that the 1 part of the board. I really didn’t like that and then I thought, what if I will make several such pieces and glue them on a wooden board, and make a 40k lava gaming board?
  I am still thinking should I make a lava board or just a death planet.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Terrain for dark lands project

First of all I want to explain why I decided to call it like that.
 I wanted to make a land full of dark sand and death trees (more like a swamp), the are isn’t death it’s just full of unknown magic.
  So my display board will be in the same type.

After I finished it I decided to make a 2 part to it just for bigger effect. Write know it is in progress.

  Ok and now for the terrain that I am making for this project.
Here is a big hill and rocks on it.

 2 pair of trees.

 and an imposible terrain.

 And I am in progress making a gaming table.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010