Friday, 4 April 2014

40k Wolf Guard Tactics

 Many people dont see the hidden potential in this guys.
 I would like to share some, of the many, ways to use them.
 Hope this video will help you with your gaming!

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Space Wolves vs. Orks 2250p

I  really enjoy playing vs this ork player. His army looks great, he has some cool conversions, and paint jobs. He is a very passionate ork player, and dosent care if he looses.  When I ask him, why dose his orks fight my Dark Ravens, his answer is (Because we are orks.
 I had a great time with this game. The only down side is that my land raider got blown up in the very first turn. The orks should be happy with what they achieved. 
The next time we meet on the battle field It will not go so well for them, so be prepared.

Friday, 21 February 2014

Space Wolves terminators tactics!

 I am a big fan of terminators in the 40k world. People where telling me that terminators in SW codex are over priced for what they do.
 But I am a beliver that every unit has its place in an army! Regardless of how much points it costs! And how could I not use my amazing terminators in game!
 So here you have a tactic video on how I use them, and what they bring to the table.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Chaos space marines vs Eldar

 Hey there!
 I had a game lately with my chaos space marines. I dont know yet the codex that well so many mistakes where made.
 But! I still love the fluffy side of the codex, and the upgrades that you can give youre HQ! And the BOON TABLE!
 But the codex over all is very weak. The chaos space marines dot have (and they shall know no fear), you need to buy the close combat weapons for them and etc.
 But I will get over that, and win my next game with my red corsairs!

Friday, 7 February 2014

Force of chaos is growing! Part 1

As promised, I will be updating this blog more often!
 And I wanted to start with my red corsairs army. I have involved in my painting skills. And found a painting style that I like the most!
  I young librarian, leading the attack on an eldar craft world planet. Unlocks a cave, in which a staff is hidden. He feels the dark aura that surrounds it. He hears some whispers in his head. Thats the staff calling him. He cant resist the temptation to take it for him self. He wants the power, he wants to be the greatest librarian in the Impirium. 
 He gets closer to the staff, and with each step the whispers get louder, almost screaming in agony. Finally he reaches, and grabs the staff. He feels the dark energy flowing true his veins, he feels the new power. Such an amazing feeling. But it dident lust long. In a few seconds his new power turns against him. It tries to possess his mind. The young librarian tries to release the staff, but he cant. Its almost his hand merged with it. He start to panic. He wants to scream as loud as he can. But instead of a scream, a laugh came. And then, suddenly he appeared in a totally different place. 
 He dident know where he was, the only thing he knew that he was floating and before him stood a deamon. Behind the daemon where humans, eldar, tau and other races. They all where chained to the beast and crying. Unexpectedly the deamon unleashed a dark aura on the librarin. It stroke him very hard. He couldnt breath. But some how he knew, if hi will be defeated, then he will be one of those chained prisoners. He gathered all of his will and turned it in to lightning which he directed towards the deamon. The beast answered with his dark aura, and the two powers stroke each other, and formed an bright explosion. The young librarian closed his yes. After he opened them, he was back in the cave. He was still holding the staff. But something strange was with him. He felt and energy inside him that he never felt before. A dark energy it was, it was the power of the deamon. In the battle, the lightning casted by the librarian, found its target and stroke it down. 
 Some time after, the young librarian was knows as a powerfull sorcerer of chaos. He was the leader of a red corsairs fleet. He has leaned much about the powers of chaos and sorcery of deamons. And now he held the chains, that once belonged to the deamon. And now he possesses his dark power.